Jan 7, 2013

Styling Projects

Over the weekend I picked up this fabulous acrylic waterfall  coffee table. It is only going to live with me for a few days- until it finds a new home (I think in my best friends home). Before I set it free I of course had to get my styling fix. I wanted to keep it simple and clean and not overwhelm the integrity of such a discreet and transparent piece. If it were a square it would be the perfect size for my living room. Our current coffee table has been feeling to small for us lately, I am currently looking at what my options are to replace- even though I love the one we have, the scale feels too small. This is the perfect piece for someone who is afraid of a coffee table crowding their living room area. I am a huge believer in having a centralized table, it is so essential so that you can rest your glass, kick your feet up, or create a beautiful vignette to admire. This specific table is so laid back, very low maintenance, and would fit into any small- or big space! 

What do you think? You likey?

 Happy Monday Friends! oxo

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