Nov 23, 2012

Sunburst Mirror

I have always loved Sunburst mirrors, but strangely enough I have never felt compelled to buy one. I decided to get crafty today in the attempts of creating something that resembled a sunburst mirror, it was so inexpensive and easy that even if I really went wrong I wasn't breaking the bank. I went with various lengths of popsicle sticks, a circular base, hot glue, and whatever shade of paint you would like. I am still in need of a small mirror, I am going to scope out the dollar store tomorrow in hopes of finding one! 

All you need to do is apply systematically. I would just repeatedly reflect the same pattern until the whole surface was filled, and then begin again using another length, always making sure I was coming into the center as to not leave a large gap. It was super easy and fun, as soon as I but the mirror and apply I will take pics and share! Try this one- you can't go wrong!! Mine is going on to the gallery wall!!

*** Update*** I just finished it- added more layers, sprayed again and added the mirror to the front! I am so happy with the result. The total price is about $7.... Couldn't have asked for more! 

Happy Weekend!

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