Nov 8, 2012

Home Improvement

Hey All, this morning we made a lil' trip to Ikea. Guess what they had in stock? A fiddle head fig tree!! FINALLY- I have been searching for about 4 months. I gasped out loud and made a bee line for the tree. I love the greenery in the space, I need to made sure I am caught up on the care so that I keep it alive for as long as possible. If I am really good it will grow to be as tall as Blayre- which is 6'5!! Here are some other shots from around the house, Blayre was teaching me some editing tricks today so I went wild, many more to come, I will throw those into the Home Tour Page. I also caved and bought a striped throw blanket, (you can see it peaking out on the last picture on the left) I love it, it is so versatile- I am snuggled in it right now! Have a fabulous day(can you believe how fast this week has flown by??) 

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  1. I bought a fiddle leaf fig tree from Ikea too! I'm not sure how it's doing, we've had it for 3 weeks and one leaf is already going yellow. But for $15, you can't not pick it up.

  2. Yay! Fiddle leaf!
    You're getting good at taking photos. You should come here and do my house. :)


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