Aug 10, 2012

Acquisitions and Things

Today is a rainy day, but It is nice to have a small break from the intense heat of the summer. Today I am getting some house keeping and blog maintenance out of the way and cuddling up with my baby Bruce. Isn't he just deliciously cute?? It has been a really busy week, it will be nice to get some relaxation in this weekend and hangout with my sister. We will probably hit up Ikea and maybe do some antiquing- St. Lawrence Market if it isn't raining(Last week there were two ginger jars I had my eye on- which I should have snatched up... Still thinking about them). What are your plans- anything special?? Have a great weekend all!! 
Lilies make me so happy, even on a rainy day they are fresh and the scent fills the whole room with summer. 
I found this piece the other day and knew it had to be mine. I swear this time I won't be buying any more brass pieces for our home- it is nearing the point of "bling" overload. Since we have made so many recent furniture acquisitions, I am shifting things all over the place to figure out the styling. I steal things from one place, and then it is completely bare. Right now everything in only remotely styled because of this balancing act. 
Still working on the styling!! Brucey trying to be in the picture!! 
Today is the 10th anniversary of my mom and Peter. I couldn't be happier to have him in my life, he is such a special person to me, and he has been such an important influence to my sister and I and the way that we have shaped our futures. He is so wonderful to my mother,  he just wants the best for my sister and I, he is a hard worker,  and he really raised the bar  for me when it comes to the way a person should be treated in a relationship, for the past ten years each month on the 10th Peter buys my mom a dozen roses because he says he is making up for lost time(if that isn't romance I don't know what is). I love you two so much, cheers to many more years together. 
Have a great weekend everyone!!

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