Nov 24, 2010

Joe Fresh Picks

Everything at Joe Fresh feels so current at the moment. I love how they are still busting out some plaid garment- I love it, it always feels so cosy and Wintery to me, I also love all of the caramel/camel, they are doing that really is the look of the season- and with Joe Fresh pricing- why not??

Always Stay Graceful,



  1. have you bought anything recently? i've walked by but haven't gone in...I never end up wearing the stuff I do buy...(except this one grey sweat shirt)

    i probably would if I still worked - but then i wouldn't have any time to go shopping outside of first cdn place!

  2. Yes actually I wear quite a few pieces from the collections I have bought- you can find some really great stuff- great basics, then really dresses them up- nice casual pieces as well!! Which one have you gone to? Try the one on front street!

  3. I went to the st clair one problem is the fit of the tops...I like a longer waist...maybe I have a long torso?

    anyways the tops would have been super pretty under my skirt suits - but since I live in jeans - no luck!


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