Nov 15, 2009

Another Fantastic Sunday

Tonight Be and I went for Vietnamese/Thai food. I am ususally not one to recommend it but I thought that it would be a nice change. China town is a little escape within the city with a mix of eclectic characters, food, and goodies. Every time I go there I want to stop and look at everything! Tonight we went to this restaurant called Basilic. Its on the corner of Rue de la Gauchetière Ouest, and is attached to a really cute Chinese bake shop.
We had very yummy vegetarian Spring rolls, I got a coconut Bubble Tea- SO GOOD, and then we each got our own dishes. Be's, was AMAZING it was a very yummy beef with vermicelli noodles, and veggies(And I don't even eat meat, but this was great). I got Shrimp Pad Thai and I feel that it was a little on the bland side! I personally would have rather had Thai Express!! This just felt like a very americanized version of something that had the potential to be so delicious! It was tasteless, and uninspired, I was expecting a lot more!!
After we walked home along St Catherine's Street which is beautifully decorated for Christmas, which was quite lovely!! I am so tired now- the darkness makes me so sleepy, here are our great pics!
I am not sure I would recommend Basilic, if you do I would definitely choose something else instead!

Shrimp Pad Thai
Beef And Vermicelli Noodles
Vegetarian Spring Rolls
Coconut Bubble Tea

China Town Arch, BVLD. St. Laurent

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