Oct 30, 2009

The Last King of La La Land

So last night my boyfriend and I raced off to see Michael Jackson's last performance in the much hyped "This is it", and I must say that from the minute I sat down I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. For any fans of Michael or any remaining skeptics of his late talent, it should be know that his talent never went anywhere. It was always there. Till the end. There is a beautiful scene where he sings "I'll be there" from the Jackson 5, it really was a touching moment for me first of all because my sister loves that song, and then also because he gave a shout out to his brothers. We will never know what the final performance might have been with all of the gorgeous costumes/performances that were said to be the best of the best(they were quite amazing) but at least we can all see this movie!! Two thumbs up!!

Oh yes and one more thing, Michael wears some seriously hot sequinned pants and Balmain jackets throughout the film!!

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