Dec 19, 2013

Let Me, Entertain You

Last month I collaborated with one of my girlfriends on an spread about entertaining at home for  Zardozi Magazine's Fall/Winter Issue. I love entertaining,  so I threw a few things together before the crew came over for the shoot. I wanted to share with you some of my go to items when I have guests over, especially when you are in a crunch for time, and you are trying on stay on budget! I also included a shot from the photo spread- Please head over to Zardozi Magazine for more- it is such a fabulous issue, and not only for the sophisticated South Asian gal, but anyone interested in beautiful fashion spreads, cultural bits and other stunning imagery! Alisha thank you so much for including Elle & Be- you are oh-so-talented, and I am truly grateful to have been included in the magazine!!!

Here are some of my last minute must haves:

- Phyllo dough- so each to pop in the oven and you can basically bake anything on it- otherwise head to your local bakery where you will always find a selection of fresh pastry or baguette
- Grapes- they look pretty and add a fullness to any spread
-A variety of different cheeses- Brie, cheddar, goat cheese, havarti, or mix together creme fraiche with cream cheese and chives for a fabulous dip
- Champagne- if you really want to amp things up + OJ
- A nice variety of teas
- Berries, frozen(for drinks) and fresh- strawberries, raspberries
- apple- serve with caramel- buy already made
- pear, plum, kiwi, and any other fruit that is easy to serve
- honey to serve with cheese
- Nuts- Almonds, walnuts, pistachios
- Use your pretties serve ware, and for a little something extra buy some cute napkins from your local party store, Ikea, or Canadians- Loblaws and Superstore always have a great variety!
- Lastly fresh flowers- If you are looking for something inexpensive buy any seasonal flower and stay in a monochromatic scheme. Otherwise just go nuts!!

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  1. Beautiful post Lor! you forgot the recipe for our highschool grilled cheese sandwiches. xoxo
    love your tips will be using them myself next week.


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