May 7, 2013

Retro Modern

I have always loved to mix and match. I am a believer that opposites attract. Clean lines paired with relaxed elements, modern with hints of retro, feminine roughed up with masculin, natural and futuristic . A great way to through off a very stuffy room is by adding a fabulous chandelier. Something fun and unexpected. A conversation piece that will compliment the room, but also take it to the next level by adding a little bit of fun to the mix. The sputnik is ultra modern, yet was designed in the mid 50's by Gino Sarfatti. Since the original design there have been many interpretations. Here are some of my favorite, including a DIY! Can you guess which one?
Would you rock this in your space- or do you prefer a traditional chandelier?

Answer** Second from top by Jenny Komenda of Little Green Notebook

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  1. Oh, and that is the one I liked the best! Take care, Caroline

  2. Pretty cool fixtures. I could see them toughening up a pretty room too.

  3. This is my most fav style! I adore retro and vintage items and mixing them with new pieces makes it look so up to date and fresh. LOVE!


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