Apr 19, 2013

Flower Child

I love how dynamic flowers are. Add them to a space and it will totally transform the mood. Flowers are my go to accessory year round. In the midst of winter I will pick up a bundle and my mood will instantly be lifted. As in decor add an arrangement to a drab room, and it will add a touch of glam. Generally I like to stick to white, pinks, shades of purple, and greens, but occasionally I am feeling a little sassy and will choose yellows, or orange. I love arranging flowers of the same kind in bundles, I am not one to do lots of funky arrangements, I love classic, same tone arrangements, a little messy, but  elegant. I am not really interested in flowers that are dyed, or have sticks poking out, the more natural the better i'd say! (but that's just me)
Here are a selection of my favorite summer flowers, I think I will have to pick some up this weekend!! What is your favorite kind of flower?

Here are some of my favorite arrangements: 

Have a great weekend!! 

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Always Stay Graceful,
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