Apr 15, 2013

Around the House: Thrifted Finds

How was your weekend? After a busy week, I was finally able to get some time in with my two Be's. On Saturday night Blayre and I went to see The Place Beyond the Pines.... WOAH. You must see this movie, it is incredible. Ryan Gosling is riveting as always, I find him so likeable, and believable  Bradley Cooper, was so vulnerable, and endearing, new comer Dane DeHaan was great too, you might know him from Chronicle(another very interesting film)It is one of those movies that will leave you with lots to talk about, if you go see it let me know, I highly recommend it. ***Note- this is a very intense movie, I was on edge throughout the whole film.

Early morning we packed into the car, Bruce in tow, and headed out to Argyle, Ontario. You may be wondering why Argyle? Well, a while ago Lindsay posted about her favorite antique stops in Ontario and this was one of them. We recently got a new vehicle that is able to hold larger items(YES HELLO FURNITURE) so we decided to go antiquing! Argyle is SO, SO, small, we are talking an intersection people, BUT it was so charming, Blayre and I just loved it! Unfortunately the antique shop she receommended has since taken on new ownership, and is in the process of being decorated, so we were unable to see it in it's full glory, also the bakery isn't open for another week!! However we were still able to pick up butter tarts and other goodies elsewhere!! A gem of a shop may be found in Oakwood here. This place was packed floor to ceiling with amazing finds! We didn't have a camera though- Can't believe it either, so you will just have to see the goodies styled in our place!! 

Oh yes, and on another note, the other day I was walking my car and spotted this dresser out of the corner of my eye. It said "Free" on it, so before I even had a chance to look both ways I darted across the street. The woman who owned it no longer had room for it, and was wanting for it to go to a good home. It is apparently a Dutch antique, it has a beautiful floral motif on the top, it now houses all of Blayre's camera equipment, and my fabric! Love it! Who ever said you can't find something good on the side of you road! ;)

Have a great day! oxxo

Seahorse Ashtray- I think this is one of those love it or hate it kind of pieces. Guess which one I am!

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  1. I'm on the love side for that ashtray too! Is it weird I always look at ashtrays even though I don't smoke and would never allow anyone to smoke in my home? I think there are some really pretty ones out there. Also AWESOME score with that dresser. It looks great.

  2. Fabulous! Thanks for the great tips! Love the dresser.

  3. The dresser is so lovely. What a great find!


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