Mar 1, 2013

Tangerine & Lilac

March already?? Why did January drag on for ages and February flew by!! I am so happy it is Friday. This week has been a trying one, earlier in the week my Grandmother in Montreal slipped and fell, she is okay now thank god- but it will be an adjustment period for her/long recovery. I am just thankful she is okay. Anyways I am trying to be positive, thinking about all of the blessings I encounter in my life. Tonight Blayre and I are going to go out for dinner and hang out, nothing crazy, we need to just take it easy. 

And now for our regular broadcast... haha- Tangerine & Lilac is such a great  combination. I love the fashion inspiration from J.Crew, very tailor and chic but fun with the pant color & bring jewelry and black detailing on the crisp white blouse. I think if you treat these two colours like neutral and use them sparingly they look gorgeous together, very sophisticated and youthful. If you are planning on doing an accent wall like this I would do a pop of the complimentary color and then stick to neutrals and metallics as supporting characters!! 

What do you think?? You likey? Have a Great Weekend!! xoxo

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  1. I recently did a post on how much I'm liking lilac lately, and I love it paired with coral- gorgeous room you put together!

  2. It's a lovely combination. I am loving more and more lilac/lavender these days! Have a nice weekend.
    xo Nancy


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