Feb 27, 2013

Between 2 Ferns

ARGGH SNOW- I think my post yesterday backfired. My woes were supposed to inspire better weather, not continue this winter season!!
Enough complaining- Here is our ever changing console, I love adding fresh flowers to it or greenery. By adding green to our space I feel like we get to enjoy the outdoors(sans below zero weather). It feel fresh, and the vibe is Scandinavian  What is interesting about our space is that there is not really a specific theme throughout it is more just a mishmash that all happens to work together. I feel that by combining pieces you love the end result will always be great (not to say that there are you can just go nuts, try to stay within the realm of reason here)I love an eclectic space- this zone is currently our Scandinavian zone!! Buy ferns btw great price and easy maintenance  can't live will all of the plants that I am killing over here!!

And Bruce- Look at that face.... Love that Model Like Gaze!! 

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