Nov 28, 2012

10 Great Christmas Trees

I love Christmas. Each year is an opportunity to switch up your decor, be adventurous and try something new. Here are a few different styles of Christmas Tree's to keep this fresh this holiday season- Choose a tree that reflects your style, and have fun, you don't have to go traditional here are some fun options, enjoy!

Gorgeous pastels and sea inspired ornaments adorn this full sized tree. A pale mustard color pot keeps the tree in place.

This is such an easy unfussy look, an oversized pot holds a smaller and less full tree, and with a handful of ornaments and lights this look is Scandanavian chic! Ooh- and I love the fur rug underneath!! 

This is such a classic look. If you want to skip the large tree this year, or are looking to decorate your entrance this is the perfect option. The height will keep the tree prominent, presents may sit below(like in the image above) or on the table itself, I love it with the arrangement of books. The color palette is elegant and sophiticated. 

This is a perfectly lived in look. The crisp laid back parchment looks easy and chic in this family home. This is the perfect last minute solution for a gift, or place in a pot and wrap with parchment and twine for a classic natural vibe.

This vignette is also very cheerful, it feels pretty and light and could also serve as a main tree as well as a tree that would look welcoming in an entryway. 

In this open concept space, a light and airy tree feels fresh and uncomplicated.  

I love having two topiaries/trees anchor a space. I love the balance on either side of the window here, I love bringing greenery into as many places in my home as possible. 

I love this white tree in a mid-century modern inspired interior. It feel vintage, and with the color palette it feels cheerful- not cheap. 

I love this mantle decor. These adorable trees under the cloches look chic and whimsical. I love the various shades of green. This would be so pretty in an entrance- this is so fun because it is so unexpected!!

I guess I am really into the tree/table look because I have yet another- this one is so pretty and classic. It is a grownup tree, it is large enough you wouldn't need a full sided tree as well, the frosted white tips, with the green showing through from below against the pale wood & light blue is simply divine!


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