Oct 4, 2012

We Can Be Heroes

Last night we went to see The Perks of Being a Wallflower. It was superb- you must see it. I feel enlightened after seeing it- and as I told Blayre after the film, if I ever went back to high school I would be that philosophical one who would tell everyone that would tell everyone that "Yes, there is life after high school. You will meet amazing interesting people just like you, and you can create your own path in life, and that only we can determine who we really are" I would be that annoying person, truly though- we all need to know that life moves on and it is full, crazy at times, disappointing  and also beautiful, everyday it gets better and clearer. Here are some examples of the kind of love I have in my home, and the prettiness that surrounds me that I created myself. Have a great day!

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