Sep 21, 2012

My Man of Style

I wanted to shake things up a little for today's Friday Fashion by inviting Blayre to be my fashion subject!! Blayre and I have been together for about 7 years and through those years I have seen his style evolve from sporty basket ball player, to a well put together "Man of Style". I would call his style casual chic, with a touch of classic boy next door Americana. He tends to wear a lot of neutrals, such as camel, grey's, whites, navy, and and many other shades of blue(many variations found in a striped or checkered shirt). Over the years he has taken a way bigger interest in fashion, and recently began taking a Fashion/Lifestyle photography course, I am very proud of my guy. 
Love you Be!! xoxo

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  1. blayre looks great, but I really love seeing pics of your place! it's adorable!


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