Sep 6, 2012

Around the House

It is always fun finding new treasures for around the house. This weekend my girlfriend and I hit up the St. Lawrence Market and found some really fun pieces(at amazing prices). For me it is a simple things like a bouquet of flowers that will completely restyle a room, by adding new items like the ones above I was able to rethink and restyle my spaces once again. This weekend I found a lucite candle holder, I am always drawn to vintage lucite pieces so I was very excited about this find. Sometimes when I am not feeling content with my surroundings I pull everything out from where they are and I place everything on my dining room table. I arrange it, and then I shop it(I think Nate Berkus enlightened me to this idea- it works, try it!). This allows me to have a fresh perspective on the space, and while I have the opportunity I like to experiment and see what my options are in terms of styling, furniture placement etc.
Picture of my "shop" before I restyled everything
 Here are some shots of our living/dining area, it is hard to be a decorator and decorate for yourself. When I am working with someone else I take in their interests and then I try and block everything else out. Unfortunately with me I love experimenting so sometimes the process of finding what I like takes a little longer, and I like more so it is a balancing act!

What is your favorite way to freshen up your space??

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