Aug 27, 2012

Match Point

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Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend. 

Last night I watched Woody Allen's Matchpoint and it inspired me to think about the luxurious world of tennis. Tennis is the essence of old school prep and through the years trends have gone mainstream fashion from this historic sport. A few years ago along with everyone else I rocked the Adidas Superstar tennis shoes(my hot pink ones in Grade 8 were a prized possession!)- as my tastes have evolved over the years I adore tennis bracelets, vintage racquets, and of course the classically structured Longchamp purse! I am always looking to different places for inspiration including preppy sports(Matchpoint the movie was full of fabulous laid back fashions)- maybe I will head over to the tennis court?? hehe Matchpoint!

Have a great day- Where do you look for your inspiration?

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