Jul 30, 2012

Weekend Snapshots

I bought lilies this weekend, and they are so pretty and fragrant. As soon as I come downstairs I can smell there sweetness. I think I need to buy these pretties on a regular basis. 
Brucey hanging out in the laundry bag. Such a sweetheart. 
The perfect croissant. 

Blayre & I went to Bayview Village today and had a really great client meeting with a great couple. We stopped into some shops and took in the really fun sculpted topiaries. Loved this poodle.

We picked up this cart yesterday from someone selling online. I promise I won't buy anymore brass and glass pieces, I just couldn't resist!! Going to fill the bottom right corner with Pellegrino.

Have a great Monday!! 

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  1. love the pillow in the first photo :) and the lamp. The lamp is incredible.


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