Jul 23, 2012

Weekend Snapshots

Blayre & I at the George Street Diner

Hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was spent watching great movies, basking in the heat and eating great food of course! Friday night we went to see The Dark Knight Rises, wow it was amazing-I loved every second of it! Performances were amazing- I didn't want it to end, and it is 2h45mins!! While I usually like to keep it very light on my blog I just want to say that I am deeply saddened by what happened in Colorado on Thursday night. Last night Dateline was on detailing what happened and Jennifer(my sister) and I just sat and cried. Yes, I am by nature an emotional person, but something about this situation I find particularly disturbing. I think because we find security in a movie theater, we feel as if it is a safe place where one can go and let everything else in there lives fade away, that is the magic of a movie. When something like this happens part of my sense of feeling free is taken away, and I feel like we are all more shaken by this event. I just wanted to say something because I have been feeling rather sad about this. 

On another note- watched The Bachelorette  last night, and I must say after not enjoying the beginning of this season at all, it turned out to be my favorite season ever. How strange!! Emily and Jef seem so real, and I authentically believed they really are into each other. The show took on a realistic vibe for the first time. As for Chris Harrison- Could he be any more fake if he tried?? 
Good Grief Charlie Brown...

Anyways this must be a productive week. My Mommy comes on Wednesday can't wait!! Need to get things rolling around the house!! Wish me luck!

Best Chips and Guacamole in Toronto- Toucan Tacos
One of the best tacos I have had in the city- always hunting for a great Mexican Resto
Got to love Joe Fresh Nail Polish. You can find just about any color you are looking for... 3 for $10- can you beat that?
Getting ready to make my "famous" fruit crisp... Its really good. Seriously. 
This is what life looks like, when I am "creating" culinary delights
Easily the best garlic bread ever. Fresh baguette, sliced up(while not cutting all the way to the bottom of the crust) , adding delicious garlic butter between each slice. Pop into the oven, bada boom, bada bing- So delish.
Serve garlic bread with this salad- it was soooooo goood.  I was inspired by these two recipes. just pick and choose what you like and then create!! Recipe 1/Recipe 2
I love bacon
Salad Nicoise- First time making a hard boiled egg. Well Blayre made it- but I felt like Julia Child.
Making my first poached egg for real!! I am totally Julia Child... Amy Adams had to make that sucker like ten times- I got it in one??? Talent or Hollywood deceitfulness- this is why I have been afraid to make it...
Here it is- I am so proud.
Berry Smoothy- Nothing beats this on the weekend
Blayre has gone to Italy- Look what Bruce packed in his luggage. Precious right? Somewhat heartbreaking. What a perceptive little man!
French Toast Brunch & a side o' bacon, on Challah- GET IT- At The George Street Diner
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