Jul 16, 2012

Snapshots of My Weekend

A perfect way to cap off the weekend with a most delicious combination of fruit, cheesy scrambled eggs, and an english muffin. While reading the latest House & Home mag.
Organized file folders... Ooh love that
Brucey's favorite new hangout 
Coco shrimp and rice from Ginger on Parliament, washed down with a strawberry-banana smoothy
Cute little printed blouse from Zara- though I wish the doggy was my Bruce!
Mint Green motorcycle blazer- with studded embellishment- so cute. It would take someone special to pull this one off though!!
The prettiest apartment building in Toronto. Just behind Chanel on Bloor street- perfect place to celeb watch during the Toronto Film Fest.
Pink Tartan in Yorkville. How stunning is this exterior. I want to live there
Yummy popcorn shrimp, though we both thought it would have been beter had it been coconut- popcorn shrimp 
In the middle of Yorkville there is this really fun painted piano, where anyone can step on up and play a tune for all to hear. We saw people with sheet music, very intense pianists and a whole slew of others ready to entertain. We thought of going up to play "Heart and Soul" (from Big) but chickened out

I love frozen yogurt! Who doesn't? Tons of Fro-Yo shops are popping up all over Toronto, and thank the heavens. I think that this has got to be one of the best ways to beat the heat. I chose bubblegum & raspberry, and topped it with mochi , sprinkles, and coconut flakes. YUM
Bruce and I did a photo shoot yesterday(as we do on a regular occasion) and I just loved the positioning of his back legs... So cute
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