Jun 13, 2012

Allan Gardens

Yesterday my sister and I went to this gorgeous green house located just outside Toronto's city center. If you head a few blocks East of the Eaton's Center you will come upon an sanctuary of beautiful flowers and other species of plants that resemble a wonderland of sorts. The Allan Gardens is open all year your and is free of admission. As one of the oldest gardens in the city created in 1858(older than Calgary), they are in perfect condition, and are so beautifully kept. Each greenhouse holds a different theme- We loved the desert. You could spend many days here and probably not take in all of the different plants- there are so many assortments. If you have seen the movie Chloe you may recall a very risque scene that took place here!! You must go visit if you haven't already and live in the Toronto area, it is truly a gem right within our city. Also if you are getting married, it would be a stunning backdrop!


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