May 7, 2012

Inspiration Station

Monday has just flown by- I have been so busy lately that the days have started to blur. It is really a great feeling though I have to say, I would rather be busy then at home all day doing nothing(although I love those days as well). Along with everything I am trying to get done with my growing business, I am always trying to organize and improve my home. Over the weekend Blayre and I went to a rockin' antique sale at a church- it was amazing. There were so many great items there but it was so packed with people that it was really difficult to maneuver. We were lucky enough to get out hands on the lamp above, it was a steal at $7. I grabbed it and didn't let go- wasn't sure where we would put it right away, but it will live here for awhile. I really want to get it a nice black lampshade- I am thinking something like this one below, I think that will really take it up a notch! I would also like to add some bling to the top by adding something awesome like this- Wouldn't that be stellar??

Have a great night- I miss The Bachelor- yes I can't help it, I love that nonsense!!
Find this beauty here
Find this here
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