May 31, 2012

Gallery Wall

Over the weekend I decided to start building a gallery wall above our stairwell. We had a few pieces that I wanted to include, so I tried not to put to much thought into the process. I was holding off until I felt we had all of the "right" pieces, however that could mean we would wait forever with no progress. I like to design in a more organic way, I start with one piece and usually build from there. I knew that I wanted to create something personal- like the words in the green frame for example say "Vice Ditto" it is an inside joke between Blayre and I so I wanted to include that. Also it gave me an opportunity to use the monogrammed napkins with the "L" initial that I had picked up at Laduree in Japan. I also knew that I wanted to create something that was fun and colorful, so there are lots of pops of color. I started with the owl in the far left corner and basically I built up from that, over time I will fill it in more and more. 

Here is the first glimpse- over time I will continue to add bits and bobs, here is what we have so far. It is cute for sure, I really love it- adds something special to the space, I want  to add lighter pieces now to balance these ones out!

Would you ever do a gallery wall?? Would it be eclectic or would you create more of a theme?

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