Apr 2, 2012

Japan Bound

Tomorrow we are leaving for Japan for two weeks and I am looking for your suggestion on everything from eating, to must sees while we are there. We are starting off in Kamakura and then will be heading to Tokyo for several days. I am sure there will be no shortage of amazing things to do, however I love have lists of activities, stores to hit up, and food to try.

While we are away I am going to try and blog daily, it will be pretty hectic and they are 12 hours ahead but I am going to try my best. So I will be checking in to see if you guys have any spots for us to hit up while we're away.

Also any advice for how to get on track upon arrival? I don't want to be a total zombie but I fear that might happen. I am going to try to sleep, and watch as many movies as possible, but I can't really figure out how to time this. I know we will be beginning our journey tommorow at 5:30am-ish and we will be arriving on Wednesday afternoon at 3:30pm-ish. It is going to be pretty intense.

So people give me some tips, I will take anything!

Always Stay Graceful,



  1. that is a really weird arrival and departure time lol...how long is your flight? i would say take some melatonin to get some sleep on the place but be awake for a bit before landing so it doesn't feel like you are waking up right at 3 30 pm. Also take melatonin that night about 1 hour before sleeping - get the extra strength kind.

    also..make sure to have some sort of phrasebook and if you are staying at a hotel get them to write out the places that you are going. BARELY ANYONE speaks much english. have fun! you will love it it's amazing!

  2. OK 15 hour flight this is what you do

    stay up ALL NIGHT until you board..go nuts..do whatever you can. coffee...coke zero...jellybean hijinks...all night silliness..whatever it takes

    take 2 melatonin when you get on the plane and do your best to sleep the first half of the flight. throw in a gravol for good measure OR if you are lucky to get your hands on some REAL sleeping pills take those. ear plugs and comfy pillow just pass out.

    wake up. stay up for the remainder of the flight (watch movies, etc etc) and you should be good to go! take some more melatonin when you want to sleep that night.

    I'll send you a facebook message with some other recommendations!


Thanks so much for all of the lovely comments!
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