Mar 14, 2012


Tied to be one of my favorite rooms of the March/April Issue

As soon as Lonny Magazine went live on Saturday I was like a kid in a candy store- that's right.... I was so freaking excited! I am sure that you have all been by to see it now, and were probably waiting in anticipation as I was but here are my pics from the March/April issue. Awesome issue btw, way to come back and really pull out all of the stops.

These people were so crazy cool- I love everything they did in this space. From Elizabeth Taylor in their nursery to the cool modern lucite throughout I was throughly taken by this space- not to mention the gorgeous place they live in, that in itself was pure art.

I loved this space- expecially the scale of the plant

I loved the laid back vibe of this home in Malibu. It was very classic beach house which I adore- just like a Nancy Myers film. I loved all of the neutrals I have actually been thinking about incorporating more neutrals into our space.

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Always Stay Graceful,

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