Mar 8, 2012

Bedroom Makeover

Since we moved in we have done little to no decorating in our bedroom, as we have an open concept upper floor it has been somewhat difficult to fuze the bedroom space together with the office space. For some time I have been wanting to paint our dresser. Today I was on the Glitter Guide and came across this Mint inspiration, I think that this would offer a nice contrast to the walls, and would be soft without being too feminine.

I would also like introduce some navy pillows to our bed- I found these ones at West Elm. The price is reasonable at $32.33 for the cover, I also like the stud detailing.

I also liked this pillow at Indig0- however it might become one of Bruce's favorite chew toys.

I love this bedding, but it is more of an investment- but I know I would constantly be worrying about it getting dirty & there is this option as well(price point similar), not as feminine(which I do like in this instance), but it would look clean and "hotel like", just like the name!

Do you know where we could get anything cheaper- similar look??

I love this bench for the end of the bed- but also at almost $800 I am sure I could make this, I just haven't found the right bench/coffee table yet!!

Finally I would like to cover the lamp shades on either side of the bed- however Blayre has a tendency to swat his off his night table in the middle of the night(which is so startling...), now we have learnt and just put the lamp on the floor every night- now you know something very personal about my sleeping situation!!
For now I am really liking the Lilac + Navy + Gold + Mint, I would like to paint the dresser in the next two weeks, when the weather gets nicer, I don't think it would be too crazy of a job (lets hope)!!

What do you think??


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