Feb 27, 2012

The Oscars with Mary M.

Tis' the time of year again for my expert fashion guru to come in and share her thoughts on Tinseltown's biggest night of fashion. Last night we popped lots of popcorn, ate lots of M&M's and laughed a lot due to Mr. Billy Crystals hilarity! What did you think of the show last night? Often it can feel very long winded but I really enjoyed it the whole way through. Oh yes, and I loved Meryl Streep's opening line in her speech last night, to recap "When they called my name," she said during her acceptance speech, "I had this feeling I could hear half of America going, 'Oh no! Oh come on, why her? Again?' But ... whatever." I thought that was so funny-Anyway take it away Mary M. and welcome back!

Gwyneth, Angelina & Brad, Viola Davis, Rooney Mara, and Penelope Cruz

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt - Classic and effortless beauty! It couldnʼt be more lovely and sophisticated. It reeks of status and good taste.

Penelope Cruz - Old Hollywood glamour gorgeousness!!! I love Penelope and think she really chooses clothes that flatter and enhance her figure. She looks perfect, from the beautiful curled hair to the color of the dress and jewels... This is Oscarʼs Best!

Viola Davis - The color of this gown is just beautiful. I love the belted waist, jeweled detail and how it flows out by the knees. Difficult bust line to wear, but she pulls it off elegantly. She looks stunning!

Rooney Mara - Unusual, but one of my favorites of the evening. Really made you take notice of her. I like that it is understated yet very elegant, she said she picked it out the morning of the awards!! Less is more.

Gwyneth Paltrow - She has beautiful taste and looks simply amazing, most eleganté.

Stacy Keilber - First I think Stacy is lovely looking, but this dress just does nothing for her. Iʼm not a fan of the fabric or the rose detail. The sheen of the gown looks inexpensive and tacky, really not something Iʼd ever expect her to wear to the Oscars on the arm of George! Even if George doesnʼt win, I guess he goes home with a gold statue!!!

Penelope Ann Miller - Too much going on here; this look doesnʼt flow together... I personally donʼt care for the color or the style of the dress, and the bag clashes. Her choice of nail polish cheapens the look as does the headband.

Michelle Williams - Again, not put together. I donʼt care for the mini skirt detail on the dress, or the pink clutch. Her necklace choice also seems wrong. Disappointing, and boring. Itʼs about as un-Marilyn Monroe as you can get!

On a personal note my best picks were Jessica Chastain, Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth, and Angelina made the whole room gasp!

Jessica gorgeous in McQueen
J.Lo in Zuhair Murad

So do you agree with Ms. Mary??

What were your top picks, what were your least favorites??

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  1. No mention of the dictator spilling Kim's remains??

  2. hahahaha that was insane, yes R. Seacrest I suppose that should have been top of the list! The urn allegedly held pancake mix!!


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