Feb 15, 2012

Color Your World

Last night was so wonderful, we had a fantastic dinner at F'Amelia(*Note that this resto is located on Amelia Street & is Italian, how freakin' cute is that??) in Cabbagetown, the place was packed and the restaurant was full of life. We shared a stone cooked pizza, and a very yummy goat cheese filled pasta, ate fresh baked bread, and somehow also managed to put away two desserts. It was so good, if you are in the area you must stop by!!

Blayre- My Valentine, with a fab new do!!
Me in my "lacy" number

This year I am really working out a lot because more that wanted to look great, I want to feel great. I think that this has created a positive chemical reaction in my brain- that has generated the feeling of color and more style(and more adventurous in my home decor). I mentioned recently that one can sometimes get into a rut, and now that I look back I definitely was. Lately I am pulling old favorites out of my closet, and shopping up a frenzy for fun, richly colored clothing!

That being said I also want to be able to look back at these years as ones that I felt great about myself being young and fearless!! Last night I wore a racier lace number that I love so much- inspired by a Stella McCartney look that hit the catwalks a few years ago, anyways 2012 is so far going very well- I'm back baby!!

So why am I on this crazy tangent?(well I always am- Beth if you are reading this you know I did it earlier today, I can't help it) I suppose it is because I want you to join me, and introduce color, and joy into your world with colorful accent pillows, gorgeous coral roses(courtesy of my man on v-day), bright sky blue colored silk bouses(from Joe Fresh) and don't stop there!

I am telling you it will give you the boost you need- not to mention a few head turns??(I am so bad!! hehe)

More color Inspiration- and a great new find of one of my favorite collectible motif- The Shell...

P.S. My sister hates when I write Hehe, which makes me want to use it even more.... Hehe

Always Stay Graceful,



  1. Laura I am on the same train of thought of you about wearing color! I've made a resolution this year to not buy ANYTHING black. Love that blouse I'm going to see if they have some other colors! I've also vowed to buy alot more pink - live up to my blogs name more xoxo excited to see more colors (and tangents).


Thanks so much for all of the lovely comments!
Always Stay Graceful,
L. xoxo