Nov 21, 2011


Hey All! How was your weekend?? My weekend was full of decorating and relaxation. We have been so lucky in Toronto to have all of this wonderful fall weather. This time of year in Calgary I am used to seeing a few feet of snow. We trooped out to Ikea on Saturday (for breakfast-with the masses) and stocked up on some picture frames(yes, they are pictureless!!), aside from the frames that are seen below, we also bought a really large white frame, as well as a walnut colored frame. I plan on putting more graphic art in the large white frame, and in the walnut- maybe a piece of photography- not sure yet.

Also, as you can see we have extended the book shelf- to hold more books, and folders, and I am trying to put together a vignette below the picture frames. Believe it or not when I took these picture if was just a little after 3pm but it is getting so dark in here that the picture quality is awful. In person it looks a helluvalot better!!

Above is the image I am going to used in the four white frames. I am going to take variations of that print and do it in four different colors. It is a super easy Adobe Illustrator project that takes under 20minutes. I am going with the color scheme of the room- so I have selected Chartreuse, a grey/blue, the mauve you see, and an orange!

What do you think?? A little modern Canadiana??

Cheers- Hope you all had a great weekend. xoxo

Always Stay Graceful,


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