Jul 27, 2011

Take a Seat

We are currently looking at possible seating for the living room. A cheap option would to buy a few of the stackable Ikea "poufs". I am thinking two would be enough, and then we could have two of the Ikea stools. The only problem is when I went to Ikea last time I couldn't seem to find them anywhere?? I really like them though, and with the added touch of a nice throw, and maybe a tray, I'm thinking they would look tres chic!

Of course the X-bench is also a desirable option but not quite in the budget, and probably not big enough- the stools would be cozier.

What do you think?

Always Stay Graceful,



  1. IMHO you might consider a short divan to sit in front of that radiator. It's not as clunky as a sofa, or uncomfortable as a backless seat; remember the one I have in my living room? Something like this, but of course it needn't be so elaborate: http://www.alibaba.com/product-free/11100262/Gorgeous_Chaise_Lounge_Sofa_Settee/showimage.html
    Also, you might think about a sleigh-bed style seat, which is backless but still has the arms for more comfort: http://vandm.com/Egyptian_Revival_Chaise_Lounge

  2. I think you could do floor pillows just as easily as the stools...

    the west elm poufs you could really sink into, but I think they are sold out (plus they cost more than the ikea ones)

    I bet you've been on Clist ...i have found some great little ottomans and stools on Clist!

  3. Check out the urban outfitters globetrotter pouf!

    I die...I love it so much! MAYBE FOR MY BASEMENT???

  4. The Fleur embroidered pouf is sooo cute for only $49.99

  5. The globetrotter pouf is amazing!! Great pick!! I also love the Ikat chairs.... My sister told me she found two at Homesense, but when I went to the one on Yonge- they were gone unfortunately!!

    If you find two matching anythings that you like on Clist, let me know!!

  6. I am selling these chairs...I want change...I still love the chairs...$25/each

    I have a student coming on Friday to pick up our old queen mattress...she is going to take a look at the chairs, so tell me if you want them instead! $25/each


    (They were a total impulse buy)

  7. sorry to write $25 each twice (now three times)


    But seriously they are great chairs, and cheap, but I never had a perfect spot in the house for them!


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