Jul 19, 2011


So here is what i am thinking for this part of the living room. I want to get that chair reupholstered, as when i got it it looked as if someone had died on it.... So yeah- also I want to get a pillow made for the seat of it so that it is even comfier, I want it to be functional. Eventually it is possible that this chair could end up on either side of our dining room table, only time will tell!!

Then with the help of Chair Table Lamp, I found some of these beautiful desks/ dressers that I think would be lovely behind the chair, I would love to house a little bar area over there with a pretty lamp, and a mirror above, or a really interesting photograph like the one above. We are clearly going with a blue and white theme!!

Here is an image of a lamp I am looking at as well as a bar I love.....

Pottery Barn

Lonny Mag

What do you think?

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  1. Wow! I'm speechless! You have a very talented eye or should I say eyes ;)

  2. Thanks CC!!xoxo So excited to see you this weekend!!


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