Apr 25, 2011

Working Girl

There is always that one girl in the office that is so put together. Working at a magazine there are plenty of those girls actually. So I have been making a real effort(not like I don't try usually) but I am really trying to plan my outfit the night before, so that the next morning I am not panic stricken feeling as if I will be the office slob, and late to boot- because of the outfit meltdown. I am also trying to purchase more office appropriate clothing- It is really hard though I find to find office attire that feels relaxed without being too relaxed and dressed up enough without looking like you are trying to hard. On my list is a shirt dress and a wrap dress- that I think would be gorgeous with a pair of wedges and chunky bracelets. So here is todays attempt.

What are your go to office looks?

Happy Monday everyone!!

P.S. Five more days till Will & Kate tie the knot!!


Always Stay Graceful,


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