Apr 28, 2011

Wills & Kate

Although over 2 billion people tuned into the Royal Wedding on Friday I feel I must say a few words. Last Friday I woke up with much anticipation for the big day, looking forward to seeing Prince William and Kate Middleton's big day unfold. As it has been said many times, this affair was indeed something many girls dream of from the time they are small- but for most- 99% of the population does get to wake up one morning knowing she will become a princess. Really this is something out a modern fairytale, Kate Middleton was not only marrying a prince, but truly the love of her life. As I went to bed that night I thought of Kate, and I thought how a girl much like myself would be feeling in preparation of a moment like this- for much of the world to see, I felt nerves, and anxiety for her. The next morning I awoke feeling more anxious- looking forward to see what designer she chose what the dress would look like- but more so protectively as a friend would- I felt for her and wished she would be strong in the big day ahead and throughout the journey that is now hers. It is strange because normally with public figures, one doesn't feel such things, but unlike normal people that are found in the the spotlight, the spotlight chose her, and not the other way around. A lot of people really identify with her, and the dream that she is living own, she is just like any other girlfriend of mine- she's just marrying a prince!! I think that this was a truly beautiful event for the world to witness, her dress was gorgeous, along with her mothers, and Pippa's, everyone looked stunning. Had Princess Di been there, she would have also looked gorgeous. I am really happy for these two and wish them a lifetime of happiness together.

Always Stay Graceful Catherine of Cambridge,



  1. Really, I can't get enough with that pair, their so into each other making them so perfect despite of their pasts imperfection. Love love the Duchess' gown, amazingly gorgeous.

  2. Really was a fabulous day! I too think Wills and Catherine are a lovely pair :) Nicolex


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