Apr 4, 2011

Around the House

Pretty jewelry arranged in a pretty dish

Our Darling Bruce Wayne- 5 months!

The shelves are finally looking finished.... I think

Jacky-O, Beach pics, and a Ginger Jar

Fresh Pink Tulips in a green vase

A picture of Bruces Daddy

Fab new Angelika Taschen- Paris book- Thank you Carmelo sweetheart!!

New Golden Moose, picked up last week at the market

Bruces first baby tooth lost.... Little guy is growing so fast!!

Hope you all had a great Monday!!

Always Stay Graceful,



  1. I love all of your things!! Especially the velo paris pin up style art and that golden moose!! I have Taschen's Paris too, don't you just love it :)

  2. Thanks!! I love the Paris book, I also have New York and London- New Yorks is just great!

  3. Hi :) Long time no see! Hope you are doing good. Your puppy is the cutest! I bet you adore him. And all of your things are beautiful, Whimsical and very lovely. Congrats!


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