Mar 30, 2011


Hey!!! Sorry for the absence, I have been entertaining guests for the past 5 days and haven't had an opportunity to really sit down and blog!! It was so nice to relax and enjoy some of the nicer weather that has come our way in Toronto the past few days, after all hell broke loose last week as we had a huge awful blizzard.... Believe it or not two weeks ago I was walking around in my trench coat and flats, little did I know a storm was lurking!!

Anyways I am really taken by this wallpaper. I found it it this months Rue and fell in love instantly with the room, and the home that it was in- and for that matter the blogger who lives in this home is amazing!! It is so playful and fun- I love it, and I know every time I would walk in to this powder room I would have a huge smile on my face!!

Always Stay Graceful,


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