Feb 22, 2011

Interview: Cecily Carlyle

With the same initials as Coco Chanel, it is no wonder this girl was born with a flare for fashion. After studying fashion design in Montreal for three years, she continues to pursue her love of the arts by creating her own garments and attending art classes. And of course she stays au courant like any die hard fashionista by savoring every drop of Paris Vogue! Cecily knows what she wants, has passion, drive and her sense of humour is as fiery as her mane! She is such a loyal, beautiful person with wonderful insight on life and is a wonderful friend- C.C. your friendship has meant the world to me!
Cecily is an avid world traveller and always brings back treasures from her journeys- she has a closet full of amazing clothing with taste that has been cultivated over a life time- she will only get better with age! She will surely be assistant to a fabulous designer... it is only a matter of time- or maybe she will decide to take the reigns of her own fashion house? Who knows what possibilites the future will hold!
J'adore,Cecily!! xoxo Enjoy this interview it is fantastic!

L.C.Favorite season?
C.C. My favorite season would be summer because you can do so much more.
L.C.Dream job? What city is this job in?
C.C. Assistant fashion designer to an icon designer in NYC.
L.C.Where can you find a good bargain?
C.C.If I am looking for a deal, I'll hit the stores after Christmas when everything is on mega sale. Holt's is great for that, if that's in your price range. For all season, I would say Winners for accessories.
L.C.Movie that has shaped your style?
C.C. Le Divorce: I love the emphasis on silk scarves. I plan on wearing lots this summer. Kate Hudson is impeccable as a Parisian woman. Being John Malkovich: Catherine Keener's character, Maxine who wears Calvin Klein such as, a white dress and fuschia lips. I love this look! So simple and sexy. I'll rock the fuschia lip from time to time. Jil Sander S/S '11 and J. Crew have picked up on this trend.
L.C.Who is someone that really inspires you?
C.C. I am so proud of my Dad, Doug Carlyle and all his accomplishments. My friends Sandy Karpetz and Laura Collins who embody creativity and are so motivated.
L.C.Cecily- you are so sweet!!!
L.C.Most stylin’ city?
C.C.. Paris!
L.C.Favorite high street store?
C.C. J. Crew
L.C.Favorite Designer?
C.C.. Obviously I can't answer this so I have made categories to make it easier for myself.

L.C. Nail Polish?
C.C. Nars: Chinatown
L.C. Signature Lipstick?

C.C. Barbarella by Nars
L.C.What are your fashion staples?
C.C. Black jeggings, trench coat mid-thigh, black patent purse and boots, diamond studs, and cashmere cardigan.
L.C.Fashion Forecast 2011??
C.C. Love child! Think Marc Jacobs, Anna Sui, Dolce and Gabbana and Emilio Pucci. Bright blues and patent nude accessories. Eyelet fabric, leather (think Celine). Nail colour will be dark with just the moon and tip of nail painted. Wide brim hats may gain popularity too.
L.C.What clothing are you dying to wear this spring?
C.C. Trench coat. I am on the look out for the perfect one. And boots that won't get ruined by salt stains.
L.C.If you could invite 10 famous people alive or dead to your home for a cocktail who would they be?
C.C. Victoria Beckham, Audrey Hepburn, CK Louis, Zach Galafanakis, Marc Jacobs, Joan Rivers, Micheal Kors, Gwen Stefani, Larry David, Diane Von Furstenburg. I hope they all get along ;)
L.C.Favorite website?
C.C. style.com
L.C. Most recent purchase?
C.C. Ralph Lauren brown suede booties
L.C.Best dessert in Toronto?
C.C. The cheesecake brownie at Novo Cafe
L.C.Favorite novel?
C.C.The Year of the Flood by Magaret Atwood
L.C. Most Glamourous hotel?
C.C. Chateau Lake Louise
L.C.Perfect day?
C.C. Perfect Winter day: Snowboarding all day in Kicking Horse,B.C. with good snow and weather conditions, steak dinner, full body massage, hot tub and drinks with friends!
Perfect Summer day: Eating a pistachio croissant and latte, laying in the grass by the Eiffel Tower. Then reading and sketching in Jardins Luxemburg. Afterwords, shopping at Galeries Lafayette then eating cheese and a baguette with wine at a nice cafe down the street. In the evening watching "Sparkle time" when the Eiffel Tower glitters and then walking along the Seine.

Here are 5 Fabulous Looks that Cecily put together for us to view!!

Always Stay Fabulous C.C.,

Love you!!



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