Jan 31, 2011

Interior Design Show 2011

To all of my fellow interior design enthusiast...The Toronto Interior Design show was amazing, I was of course obsessed with the Sarah Richardson/ Theo Richardson instalment! I was totally insane, some of the best work I have ever seen- however this is the first time I have ever see her work in person- so it is probably always that good!!! Anyways as soo as we rounded to corner to the exhibit I saw Tommy and totally made a goofy face at him- because I wasn't expecting him to be there, I really wanted to introduce myself later but he was on the phone unfortunately! Anyways, the colors were phenomenal as as she often does each room had a color theme- it happen to be the primary colors yesterday with some beautiful accents. What I love about Sarah is she never forgets anything, the upholstery was impecable, the lighting gorgeous-She really had each room polished down to the very last detail, he looks are always very finished which I love! Here are some pictures!!

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