Oct 25, 2010

4 Beautiful Things

These flowers are so unusual and pretty, I love the yellow ones that are popping through they add something slightly whimsical to bouquet. Also the pink is so pretty with the white, yellow, and green- I love that combination, it feels very fresh.

This is Celerie Kemble's closet, it is from the most recent Lonny Magazine, and it is fabulous of course. I love the black is a a nice contrast to white which we normally see. I love the floors, and my favorite detail is the doors that enclose all of her clothing, so chic, and organized. Oh yes and the vanity- so pretty and it looks very high end.

I love, love, love this headboard. It kind of reminds me of this wallpaper that Anna Spiro has posted pictures of a dew times. It really brings the whole look together, and the pink is gorgeous and feminine!

The image on the left hand side is the one I am obsessed with. I love the pink chair it is absolute perfection. I am hoping to find an old used version that I can redo for my dinning room table, it would add so prettiness to the space, it is a little unexpected and it looks very comfortable!!

Always Stay Graceful,



  1. I loooove that second picture of the closet! Thanks for sharing these. :)

  2. Your welcome- It would be a dream to have a closet like that!!


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