Apr 12, 2010

Always Marry an April Girl...

Hey Everyone, this past Friday was my birthday, there were lots of laughs, loads of karaoke, and of course way to much food... It was a great time and I thank all who were involved. On that note think about how many friends we have had throughout the years, all of the lovely birthday parties we have all attended, all of the gifts we have received and all of the cupcakes we have consumed. I still remember putting my stockings and birthday dresses on as a child- Oh the discomfort- now that's all I wear(basically my uniform!!) Anyways I am rambling I guess I am just feeling a little nostalgic and sentimental! I feel so lucky to have been given such a fabulous family and friends and now I can share all of my passions with you all.

Always Stay Graceful,


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  1. The day you got that cupcake was such a wonderful day! The weather was perfect for just leisurely walking around the city.


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