Mar 25, 2010


Hey Everyone, so I just got back from Madrid and it was amazing!! What a beautiful city! My boyfriend who is a cinematographer was hired to do a wedding there so I was lucky enough to tag along to film a little myself as well as see the sights, drink the wine, and mingle with the fabulous people. It is a wonderful culture with a lot of laughter, dancing, and partying, I absolutely love their joie de vivre! We were lucky enough to enjoy some nice weather while we were there, we got around to quite a few of the touristy areas, but were also able to experience a little of their culture first hand by going to a wedding! The couple were incredible people, a beautiful love story with many people supporting and celebrating their union it was truly a memorable experience. Gracias

Always Stay Graceful,

Adios L.


  1. Great collages! Don't you just love that city! Thanks for sharing some sunshine, here in Amsterdam it is grey and rainy

  2. Hi Laura!! I´m Marta from Madrid :D It was great and incredible days with you. I hope see you soon again. We never forget you.
    Cool Pictures!! And cool Blog!! :D I link you in my blog

    All the best from Madrid. A lot of kisses muuuacks


Thanks so much for all of the lovely comments!
Always Stay Graceful,
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