Feb 2, 2010


This post goes out to a great lady, my Nanny, a.k.a. my grandmother. Because of her I love Cybill Shepherd, Angela Lansbury and Seinfeld and for that I owe her so much! She is a fabulous cook, loves travel, and has a great sense of humour... I have been so lucky to haver her in my life. Although I will not reveal her age- I will tell you ten things about that I love/she loves.


The Animal Kingdom


I might be going out on a limb here but- Anything British...

Tea/Parties (me too!!)


Keeping up Appearances

Agatha Christie

Murder She Wrote-Angela Lansbury

I love you so much Nanny, and I know there are so many more things you love, family, Lily & Crew, and your friends who have been there with you for all of these years. I just wanted to write up a little something because you mean the world to me! xoxo

Always Stay Graceful,


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