Nov 13, 2009


Have you heard? As of tomorrow hundreds of excited fans and hopefuls will be lined up around the block to get their designer fix if they are lucky!! Lovers of fashion know these designer/H&M collaborations generate a huge amount of buzz people are very excited especially because Jimmy Choo is coming to H&M with more then just shoes. Tamara Mellon President and co-founder of Jimmy Choo is pushing the boundaries by introducing a whole line of dresses, blazers and cute clutches to go with the fabulous shoes they are famous for. This is the first time that H&M has teamed with an accessories line, I saw it today in the window and was really loving the jewelry mainly the bracelets- so cute. I found that the line had a punky vibe, the dresses were embellished with studs, and sequins flashy but glam, a lot of the heels are embellished. Another trend was a lot of suede... I was not too sure about that. I love the idea of suede but I have worn it before and I find it somewhat constricting- But that's just me!! Although I did see some pieces I really liked, I am not sure if I am willing to stand in line for hours. If I can brave the mass chaos I might be lucky enough to snag a piece!! Good luck to all of you JImmy Choo fans out there!!
By the way the pricing is not super "H&M cheap" but reasonable considering Jimmy Choo's are usually hundreds/thousands of dollars! In GBP (shoes are £49.99 - £179.99; bags, £17.99 - £179.99; and clothes, £29.99 - £149.99).

The Creator- Tamara Mellon

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