Nov 10, 2009

Brooklyn's Finest

Wow, this place looks amazing!! Today Brooklyn was featured on Martha Stewart and it made me want to go back to New York just to visit this place. I wish that there was a flea market like this in my neighbourhood. There are markets but not with this extensive amount of variety. There are foods from all over the world, crafts(even some of the stands are run by people who used to work at Martha Stewart) delicious desserts, art, antique vintage furniture and vintage/clothing! Roughly about 100+ stands.... You could make a whole day of it!! So fun...Most of it is organically grown it seems, reusable packaging, biodegradable. This place is truly awesome!!! Here are some pics of some of the stalls that people runs/products sold....Take a look


WannaHavaCookie- Rasperry and Chocolate Whoopie Pie

Pizza Moto

Peoples Pops- Watermelon and mint- YUM

LiddAbit SWEETS- Created using mostly organic products

Kumquat Bakery

Hot Blondies Bakery- Hot Blondies and Brunette Babes

Asia Dog- Hot Dogs with an Asian Twist

Blue Marble Ice Cream- Float

Wow, I'm hungry now!!!

Always Stay Graceful!!!


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